Organizing Tissue Homeostasis and Immunity

NK cell & ILC Meeting

This year, the NK and ILC community of the DGfI NK cell focus group and the german ILC priority program will co-host their international meetings to bring together experts in innate lymphocyte biology and tissue immunity, and cover the latest emerging concepts in the field, their clinical translation, and the application of cutting-edge high-resolution technologies. Together, the meetings will offer 20+ talks from invited speakers, and about 20 selected talks from abstracts, and 4 poster sessions:

June 20-21:Meeting of the DGfI AK NK cells (NK cells, ILC1)
June 21:Joint afternoon poster session, keynote lecture and conference dinner / garden party
June 22-23: Meeting of the DFG priority program Innate Lymphoid Cells

Registrations are available for only the NK cell or ILC meetings, or combined, and all options will include the joint poster session, keynote lecture and conference dinner .

Please download the current programm draft here.

Registration and abstract submission is closed !

Please note: We will not send out payment confirmations. You can submit your abstract anytime upon receiving the link. We will contact you if we didn’t receive your payment.

Organizing Committee

  • Georg Gasteiger, Würzburg
  • Adelheid Cerwenka, Mannheim
  • Andreas Diefenbach, Berlin
  • Chiara Romagnani, Berlin

Confirmed speakers:

    • Niklas Björkström, Stockholm
    • Jan Böttcher, Munich
    • Adelheid Cerwenka, Mannheim
    • Andreas Diefenbach, Berlin
    • Georg Gasteiger, Würzburg
    • Tim Halim, Cambridge
    • Matt Hepworth, Manchester
    • Christoph Klose, Berlin
    • Bart Lambrecht, Ghent
    • Richard Locksley, San Francisco
    • Laura MacKay, Melbourne
    • Mala Maini, London
    • Andrew McKenzie, Cambridge
    • Ruslan Medzhitov, Yale
    • Ari Molofsky, San Francisco
    • Chiara Romagnani, Berlin
    • Serge van de Pavert, Marseille-L.
    • Joseph Sun, New York
    • Sonia Tugues, Zürich
    • Eric Vivier, Marseille
    • Carsten Watzl, Dortmund
    • Gabriela Wiedemann, Munich
    • Christoph Wilhelm, Bonn
    • ...more coming soon!

Organized by

AKNK Logo mit schrift The Study Group NK Cell Biology of the German Society for Immunology and the DFG Priority Programm ILCs